In Love, 2014

– A performance devised for Art Language Location, an art festival that takes place in Cambridge, UK every October. The festival focuses on art that explores and challenges how we interact with text.

In Love recalls past lovers and our dates in Cambridge, how we write to remember and write to forget.

Cambridge is a favourite place to visit when I am in love and ‘In Love’ recalls past lovers and our dates in the city – who was there, what was said, how we write to remember and write to forget. Sometimes it’s hard to remember who said what and who did what. Sometimes it’s better to forget. Some things are better left unsaid or sometimes better out than in.

Read what is written and write a response – you might just get a response back. You might just fall in love. But please don’t touch the animals.

The performance consisted of two performers wearing identical rubber dog masks and fur collars writing on a room’s walls along to an extended, edited, looped soundtrack of ‘I Will Follow Him’ by Little Peggy March. Visitors were invited to write responses to what they read on the walls and to communicate with the performers by writing on the walls.

Each performance lasted for 60 minutes and took place on Saturday October 25th at Sidgwick Site, University of Cambridge, Cambridge.

In Love_Mario Lautier Vella 2 Photo Josh Murfitt In Love_Mario Lautier Vella 1 Photo Josh Murfitt

In Love_Mario Lautier Vella 3 Photo Josh Murfitt

Photos: Josh Murfitt