London Stories, a 1-on-1-on-1 Festival
16 – 28 September 2013, Battersea Arts Centre, London

– Over 8 million people share our city – a blur of lives we’ll never know. We rush past each other on the street, queue together in the supermarket and sit side by side on the tube. We may never have exchanged a word before, but now we are all here, waiting to tell you our stories. An evening of truly intimate encounters with your fellow Londoners. A 1-on-1-on-1 Festival – explore a warren of candle-lit rooms and encounter real-life stories told by the people who lived them. Each story, from the moving to the bizarre or comical, will be told to an audience of just two.

A 5 minute, story-telling performance part of a nightly show at Battersea Arts Centre. Audience members travelled in pairs through the building and visited seven rooms to hear short autobiographical stories before congregating at a ‘monument’ at the end for a final story and the chance to leave feedback.

**** Time Out (Critics’ Choice) – read the review
**** Everything Theatre – read the review

London Stories_Mario Lautier Vella. Photo: John Hunter
Photo: John Hunter